AI x Designcard deck

The perception of risk is closely related to perceived benefits. People’s risk perceptions are influenced by their perceptions of privacy, mistrust in the mechanisms of AI, and social biases. However, these concerns can also be reduced by communicating the potential benefits of AI-based CDS.

AI-based tools could be used to improve diagnostics, treatment planning, and more. It may also assist doctors in improving patient care. By using data from the healthcare field, AI-based tools could make medical decisions more effectively and efficiently. Researchers are now exploring the potential of AI-based tools to address these issues.

The negative effects of perceived risks associated with AI-based healthcare tools are significant. These findings highlight the urgent need for more research on the use of AI-based tools in healthcare. It is important to understand these factors before designing AI-based tools. For example, healthcare professionals need more data to evaluate the risks of AI-based healthcare tools.

Some countries are taking steps to regulate AI systems and algorithms. International organizations have also begun to develop AI frameworks. However, these frameworks are still in their early stages and can be hard to tailor to organizations’ needs.